Hot Stones Sports Massage


The origin of hot stones dates back 5000 years. Hindus practiced the use of hot stones in India.  China was known to use the 3000 years ago placing stones on the abdomen to assist with digestion.  Hawaiians wrapped heated lava rocks in leaves and applied them to relieve pain. Russia, America, Japan, Egypt and Europe have all used hot stones for healing purposes throughout history.


What does a hot stone sports massage do?

For starters, even when used in sports massage context, its relaxing and stress relieving. As I’ve written in previous posts, the heat produces endorphins, opens blood vessels increasing blood circulation, increases lymph flow (the lymphatic system is your bodies waste disposal system) allowing toxins and waste products to flush out, reducing DOMS (delayed onset muscle soreness) aches and pains.


Where do the stones go?

There is a large selection of stones of all different sizes. Small ones that slip between your toes are rather nice. If there’s an area of pain or swelling, we can put a stone (wrapped in a cloth) on that area to warm it prior to massage, so really nice for the glutes and sore shoulders.

Using the gorgeously warm stones to glide over the skin it provides a deeper and more even pressure.

They’re nice to place under the shoulders when laying a client on their back and placing a stone over the abdomen is relaxing and believed to aid digestion.

Who says a sports massage can’t be relaxing?

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